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Can you reverse arthritis?

Osteoarthritis (OA or arthritis) effects 1 out of 4 adult dogs and 4 out of 5 senior dogs. It's pervasive and most owners will feel like developing arthritis is inevitable. But it begs the [...]

How much should your dog sleep?

A super common question, especially for owners of older dogs, is “how much should my dog be sleeping.” Unfortunately, there isn’t a robust amount of research around dog sleep. As [...]

Could Your Dog Have Hip Dysplasia?

Hip dysplasia is simply a term for a hip joint that doesn’t fit together well. That could be due to a hip socket that isn’t very deep or a ball that isn’t very round. [...]

When is it too Cold?

Ontario has finally made it into a true Canadian winter with daily highs not always reaching above -20° Celsius. This leaves many dog owners wondering, "When is it too cold to take my dog [...]

Senior Pet Month – Daily Tips!

November was senior pet month so of course at Pawsitively Fit we took the chance to celebrate! Here are all of our tips from the month for senior dogs all in one spot! [...]


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