We help HEALTHY SENIOR DOGS stay active, without pain, so that they can have more days with their owners to do the things they love!

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What is Canine Rehabilitation

Canine rehab can be thought of like physical therapy for our dogs and is very similar to going to physical therapy ourselves. Canine rehab promotes, maintains and restores your dog’s health and function through a physical examination, education and a rehabilitation program. It requires thorough knowledge of anatomy, movement patterns and physiology.

Canine rehab can help reduce pain and weakness while improving strength, performance and overall function. Why does that matter? Because we want nothing but the best for our dogs.

Mini Australian Shepherd
Dog with traumatic menenigitis.
Dog after elbow dysplasia.

What Makes Our Company Different

Pawsitively Fit is as unique as your own dog. We are physiotherapists who have trained in canine rehabilitation. This gives us a unique understanding of rehabilitation principles that we can then apply to your dog. Our goals are your goals, as those are the ones that count. We want to know what you and your dog are missing out on and then we will work to get you back there – whether it being playing in the yard, going for that long walk, or just being able to sit on the couch together and relax!

Pawsitively Fit is the only mobile canine rehab service in Kingston and area. We’ve been serving this area for over 4 years and we’ve helped dogs from 3 months old up to 17 years old get back or stay on their feet. We’d love to help your dog too!

Many owners are pleased to find out that we are mobile and come to them. If your dog is very large or is anxious in the car, this can be so valuable. Other times, if your dog is injured or is having a lot of trouble with their mobility, getting them out of the home can be a monumental task. We can help alleviate some of that worry.

We specialize in helping healthy senior dogs stay active, without pain, so that they can have more days with their owners to do the things they love! Why does that matter? Because we all want to get as much time with our dogs before they pass. Pawsitively Fit can help make that happen. We understand the struggles of an older dog like weakness, incontinence and neurological changes.

Can my dog still benefit from therapy if they aren’t injured?

Absolutely! A dog can still benefit from therapy even if they haven’t experienced an injury. Sometimes our dogs start to have difficulties with weakness or just aren’t performing well in their sports or just in their day to day lives. We can help to ensure that your dog isn’t experiencing any pains you weren’t aware of and develop a program that keeps them strong, fit and moving well!

Another great time to consider rehab that isn’t often thought of is BEFORE your dog has surgery. Consider it part of your post-operative planning. It can provide great piece of mind to have a rehab appointment to review with you what to expect when bringing your pet home from surgery. We can help you plan any changes you might need to make around the home to accommodate your dog’s needs after surgery as well as practice with you and your dog the exercises that you should be starting when your dog gets home.

Senior Dog

Our Animal Rehabilitation Services

After your dog has been evaluated by a therapist to determine their specific needs a treatment plan will be developed to meet your goals.

Our treatment plans many include:

Maggie doing a push-up to work her front leg strength

Do I Need a Vet Referral?

Our preference is always to work collaboratively with your veterinarian and this starts with a referral. It also allows us access to your dog’s veterinary history which can provide insight into your dog’s needs. However, a vet referral is not a requirement.

Pawsitively Fit has been monitoring the changes in policies at the College of Veterinarians of Ontario. They are moving towards a more modernized practice and no longer consider canine rehab the practice of veterinary medicine. This is allowing for easier direct access to canine rehabilitation services, which means referrals are not required.

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