This Old Dog.


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This Old Dog – An Owner’s Guide to Providng the Best Care for Their Senior Dog.

Written by Shauna Slobodian

Foreword by Laurie Edge-Hughes

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This Old Dog: An owner’s guide to providing the best care for your senior dog.

Specializing in helping HEALTHY SENIOR DOGS stay active, without pain, so that they can have more days with their owners to do the things they love!  

That’s what Shauna Slobodian, physiotherapist and canine rehab therapist, has dedicated her business to doing.  Now here is the book version.

Tired of often hearing her client’s being told that their dog had arthritis without being given any usable advice, Shauna strives to empower the owner to have more knowledge and tools to help their dog as they age.  Written from the perspective of a physiotherapist, This Old Dog is a practical book giving owners things to watch for and actions to take all the while honouring the bond we create with our dogs.

This is NOT a book that will cover every ailment of a senior dog.  But it does give clear guidance when signs and symptoms warrant a trip to the vet for further investigation.

Topics included in This Old Dog include:

  • Scanning your dog for potential problems
  • Pain management and modalities
  • Osteoarthritis, cancer and other common conditions for senior dogs
  • Exercising a senior dog
  • Weight management and diet
  • Home modifications
  • Products that can be helpful for a senior dog
  • When to say goodbye


This Old Dog is an easy read and is a great reference for any dog owner who has a dog entering their golden years.

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