At Pawsitively Fit Canine Rehabilitation & Wellness


We specialize in helping SENIOR DOGS increase their ability to MOVE INDEPENDENTLY in order to MAXIMIZE THEIR DAYS WITH YOU.



Why did we choose to focus senior dogs?  Because they have so much potential.  After spending years working with seniors of the human variety we heard time and time again when someone was struggling with arthritis pain, getting weaker, having more difficulty walking or slowing down it was because they were “getting older”.  It’s an easy answer but it doesn’t help.  It doesn’t give hope or tell anyone that they actually CAN FEEL BETTER AND MOVE BETTER!

So what happens to that senior? They can’t do as much, so they do less.  Then again they can’t do as much, so they do less…and so on until they can’t get up on their own.  What they really needed was someone to help them build muscle to get stronger, reduce their pain and help them keep moving.  They needed to break the cycle.

Old age and arthritis are the leading causes of euthanasia in dogs.  Many dogs are likely put down earlier than needed because they were offered they care they needed.  Canine rehab has so much to offer these dogs beyond pain medication and rest.  Educating pet owners about changes in the home environment and lifestyle can help.  Starting a progressive exercise routine to improve strength and mobility.  Modalities and manual therapies to reduce pain.

If you or someone you know has a senior dog who starting to slow down and needs more help to get around, there is more that can be done to help them be more independent and extend their time with you.  Ask for canine rehab.


– Shauna Slobodian, Diploma in Canine Rehab, Registered Physiotherapist