We help HEALTHY SENIOR DOGS stay active, without pain, so that they can have more days with their owners to do the things they love!


We’ve returned to work after some time away and are excited to be taking on a limited number of new clients! Please reach out by phone, text or email so we can discuss your dog’s needs!

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Why Us for Canine Rehabilitation?

Pawsitively Fit is the only provider in the Kingston area offering mobile canine rehabilitation services. What does that mean? We see your dog in the comfort of your own home! Why does that matter? Many dogs are anxious or fearful in a clinic setting. Anxiety and fear can make pain or injury worse for your pet. By having us come to you, you are ensuring your dog is as comfortable as possible. If your dog is large, difficult to transport due to weight or you yourself have difficulties leaving the home, in-home rehabilitation can be much more convenient.

Are you worried about your senior dog?

We’ve put together some information that can help! Click below to claim your free information guide to start helping your dog TODAY.

Senior Dog Care Tips Guide

Senior Dog Care Tips Guide

Home Changes to Increase your Senior Dog’s Independence

Home Modificiations Guide

Shauna’s This Old Dog Book

This Old Dog Book Cover

Tired of often hearing her clients being told that their dog had arthritis without being given any usable advice, Shauna strives to empower the owner to have more knowledge and tools to help their pets as they age. Written from the perspective of a physiotherapist, This Old Dog is a practical book giving owners things to watch for and actions to take all the while honouring the bond we create with our dogs.

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Our Therapy Offerings and Services

Our Rehab and Therapy services are tailored to the needs of your dog – we don’t follow a cookie cutter! Once your dog has been assessed, an individualized treatment play is created. Our services include:

Physio on Daschund
Hudson Exercising
Falco Exercises
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Why Rehabilitation for Your Dog

Labrador dog exercising

Rehabilitation for animals is like physical therapy for people. It goes beyond veterinary medicine to look at how a dog is functioning day to day. Rehab can reduce pain, increase strength and keep your dog active!

Rehab can help most any type of condition including arthritis, hip dysplasia, general weakness, pinched nerves and more!

As dogs age, many owners are looking to strengthen their dog’s back legs to reverse muscle loss or learn how to massage their dog with arthritis. Rehab can help!

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Helping Senior Dogs with Back Leg Weakness Play & Get Stronger Again

So many older dogs lose the strength in their hind legs they used to have when they were puppies. As dogs age, their body doesn’t maintain muscle as well as it used to and often arthritis makes it harder to stay as active as they once were. The good news is canine rehabilitation with Pawsitively Fit can help! Like physical therapy for humans, exercise is the cornerstone of any well crafted rehab program. Here’s a few examples:



13 years old, arthritic and overweight, Farley was struggling with hind end weakness. Pawsitively Fit worked with Farley over 3 months and he was able to gain 2 inches of muscle mass in his back legs with exercise while slimming down at the same time. All the ladies he passed on his daily walks couldn’t help but remark how handsome he was looking!


12 year old Freya was starting to slow down and have trouble getting up and down the stairs. Freya worked with Pawsitively Fit over 6 months until she moved out of province. Her program initially focused on her hind end strength to help her balance and strength. She was getting up and down the stairs without waiting for help anymore. We continued to see Freya for regular laser therapy and hands on treatment for her arthritis.

Senior Dog Laser

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Our Facebook group is a supportive community of senior dog owners where they can share tips, stories or ask questions. New content is created regularly including live expert interviews.

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What are other dog owners saying about rehab with Pawsitively Fit?

“Highly recommend Shauna Slobodian, the animal physiotherapist and owner.  She visited our home the last few months following our dog, Jagger’s knee surgery.  It was great to have her come to our home rather than the worry and stress of loading him into our vehicle to take to her for treatment. Shauna is very knowledgeable and helped guide us through exercises to aid in Jagger’s recovery.  We are happy to report that the surgeon has given him the go ahead to resume normal activities, albeit, at a slow pace.  Thank you, Shauna. Jagger wouldn’t be where he is without you!”

JaggerKaren Merrill, Jagger's Owner
“I completely and totally recommend Shauna of Pawsitively Fit, Kingston for canine physiotherapy and rehab. She worked with our golden retriever before and after TPLO surgery with wonderful results. Shauna was firm but gentle while working with our Tess enabling her to reach the desired results. She loves dogs and both our dogs adore her. Shauna is a lovely, caring person and a true professional. Thank you Shauna for everything you did for Tess.”
Picture of TessDot Parsons, Tess's Owner

“My little one has had a few health issues and when a fall left her unable to move her neck Shauna and Pawsitively Fit came to the rescue! Shauna was able to help Juno with her neck injury very quickly and we then moved on to working on some of her chronic back weakness and general fitness. Shauna gave us super simple, yet amazing exercises that were easy to do and incorporate in our daily routine that really made a huge difference for Juno in terms of her strength and mobility. We always do her exercises right after she eats twice a day and trust me, Juno won’t let me forget to do them now as they have definitely found a place in her routine!

I highly recommend Pawsitively Fit and we will definitely be continuing with Shauna’s services even without an injury so I can help keep my furry friend as strong and mobile as possible as she ages!”

Cassie Dionne, Juno's Owner