I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s glad that February is almost over…the weather has been dreadful and as I type, there is a snow squall and I can barely see across the street. However, February is National Pet Dental Health month.  Our dog’s mouth and teeth can be something often overlooked unless their breath stinks.  But you brush your teeth every day right?

The benefits of brushing our dogs teeth:

🐶 Fresh Breath 
🐕Removes plaque and tartar 
🦮Prevent tooth decay and gum disease 
🐕‍🦺Reduce damage to internal organs 
🐩Improved cardiovascular health 

Poor oral health is linked to:

Broken and damaged teeth
Heart disease
Tooth/gum pain

If you’ve never brushed your dog’s teeth, take it slow and don’t expect to be able to get a good brushing on the first try.  Your dog may fight you but consider acclimatizing them to the toothbrush first if that’s what you are going to use.  As the days go by, see if you can start to brush a few.  I recommend trying to focus on their front teeth as these teeth don’t get a lot of action when you consider how a dog eats their food so they aren’t getting as much natural cleaning.

If a toothbrush and dog toothpaste just aren’t working for you, try a washcloth wrapped around your fingers to ‘polish’ your dog’s teeth.

Or you can purchase wipes made for cleaning your dogs teeth

Water additives

Dog treats specially designed to clean dogs teeth

Or dog toys that have soft folds to get in between teeth

Your last option would be to speak to your vet about dog food specially formulated for oral health.

If none of that inspires you to take more initiative with your dog’s oral health, consider that if you can keep your dog’s teeth in good shape at home, you can avoid costly dental cleanings and tooth extractions at your vet’s office.  Your dog, and your wallet, will thank you!


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